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Some comments from our clients...

Previous clients have very kindly offered to be available to speak to anyone interested in finding out more about their experience. If you would like to speak to them we can provide contact details.

I would highly recommend this trip. Expedition staff, crew staff and catering staff were all extremely likeable people and a joy to be around.

Taking a trip to Antarctica is the trip of a lifetime, one which choosing the right tour operator can make or break the entire experience. I can say without hesitation that my trip was "made" and that I would go again.


I would highly recommend this trip. Expedition staff, crew staff and catering staff were all extremely likeable people and a joy to be around.

We were fortunate to encounter so many polar bear. Our two day venture in the pack ice was also pretty spectacular.



First of all, I would really like to thank you for suggesting me this journey to Scoresby Sund. It was an incredibly amazing place. I wasn't expecting anything like that. Everything ran smoothly and the only problem we had was the first crossing of the Denmark Strait because there was a huge storm. Forty hours lying on bed, not eating anything and feeling too ill. But then, early in the morning of the third day I saw from the cabin porthole the first icebergs and I just forgot about the bad time. And that was just the beginning of all the beautiful things I saw. I usually don't take many pictures but this time I couldn't stop (well, only when we had the "silence stops" during hiking). We were also very lucky with the weather in Greenland, with sunshine every day and no clouds or wind, so it felt quite warm. There was also full moon but that didn't prevent us from admiring the Northern Lights every night.

The cabin was very comfortable and the hotel staff were very kind and friendly. The expedition guides were also pretty knowledgeable, so I learnt a lot. At the end we were given a CD with the places we had visited and so on, but I haven't checked it yet. I also required the doctor and it was fine.

And Iceland was beautiful, although really different to Greenland.

In the future (let's say 2013) I would love to go to Antarctica. When I start planning it seriously, rest assured that I will contact you again.

Thanks a lot for everything,



My trip to the 'end of the world' was the most fantastic place I have ever been to. Thank you Tom for organising everything for us - it all went so smoothly and made it such a memorable holiday for us.



Thank you so much for all your help. It really was a most successful trip.


Everything was very well organised--we enjoyed the 2 hotels before and after the sea trip, and especially appreciated your phone call to us in Newfoundland.

The polar bear close up, the tundra and its autumn colour especially in Labrador, all the visits we made, especially the Viking remains and the Moravian churches, the fiords in Greenland and Labrador.

The lectures and organisation was outstanding.

Janet & Ted,



Just wanted to thank you. The trip was amazing and very hard to do it justice with pictures even with the two thousand or so we took.

United States

The best holiday of my life! You chose your business well.



This was definitely the trip of a life time. It was extemely well organised, the pre-departure information was excellent and Tom was a wonderful, professional group leader. I cannot recommend it highly enough in terms of organisation....and the Antarctic was absolutely fab!



It has a been a real pleasure dealing with you and your company and I hope we will connect again soon.


I was completely satisfied with all aspects of the planning of my trip: the international travel and transfers, and also the expedition itself. The time spent on the ship was action packed - when we weren't out in the Zodiacs we had very interesting lectures.


New Zealand

We really enjoyed the trip to Svalbard. 10 Polar Bears! Thanks for everything.


I have always wanted to go to the Antarctic and had very high expectations! This trip to the Antarctic was the trip of a lifetime and it far exceeded my expectations! Every aspect of the trip was superb - the wildlife, the scenery, the ship and the craic! It was a real pleasure travelling with New Horizon. Tom's organisation and attention to detail was outstanding and I would highly recommend this trip! We have got the polar bug and are planning an Arctic trip now!



It was an excellent trip, entirely living up to my expectations in all respects.

United Kingdom

This was an unforgettable experience for my wife and I. It was not just a cruise with landings at places along the way. The guides were so experienced and informed, there was a significant educational element to the trip. The sightings of seals, whales, penguins and birds were incredible; watching them in the wild beats any zoo visit.

Frank & Anne,


From start to finish I found the attention to detail and level of professionalism to be first rate.


United Kingdom

For those of you with a free spirit get in touch with Tom at New Horizon Expeditions and get yourself to Antarctica on the best organised trip you can imagine to what is without doubt "The wonder of the world".




What an amazing trip! We circumnavigated Svalbard (Spitsbergen) and Nordaustlandet in August 2010 on the MV Plancius. I was hoping to see and photograph some wildlife - wow! did I get my wish - I had 6 polar bears (including mother and cub), countless walrusses, many minke whales, countless reindeer and even a huge blue whale within metres (feeding in the midnight sun).

Besides these we had the many colonies of arctic birds and the towering, rugged permanent ice-covered peaks and then the huge blue glaciers calving into the sea - all a little unreal and unbelievable except for those of us witnessing this extreme habitat - all now captured in my camera but also in my memory.

The ship was crewed by experienced, friendly seamen and also had a complete hotel staff (hence the wonderful food) and interesting and helpful expedition staff - led by Rinne Van Meurs - probably the world leader in polar bear photography and research.

I booked through Tom McManamon of New Horizon Expeditions who could not have been more helpful and made the whole journey so smooth and so easy, despite the fact that I was travelling on this leg of my holiday on my own. Thank you Tom.



Excellent trip. Well organised and efficient. Brilliant destination. Nothing prepared me for the scale and size of the landscape. Kayaking in the Antarctic wasn't as cold as I expected either.



Thank you for arranging such an enjoyable trip & I wish you and your company well...