Landing Locations

To find out more about the locations you will visit on cruises to Spitsbergen and Greenland select one of the links below.



Of all the sites in the European Arctic, Spitsbergen is the most romantic, a combination perhaps of its evocative name and a reputation as a genuine wilderness, difficult to reach and hostile to explore. Our trips to the north and around the island offer 24 hours of daylight and the near certainty of seeing polar bears as well as walruses and a variety of seabirds rarely found outside the High Arctic.


Greenland & Newfoundland

In the dreamlike landscapes of Greenland you are met by icebergs in all colour hues, shapes and sizes, calving glaciers and breathtaking views of a seemingly endless ice cap.

Visiting local Greenlandic hunting community of Itoqqortoormiit is a great experience or take shore landings to search for wildlife and with luck you may come across a herd of Musk Oxen grazing on the tundra. In this part of Greenland narwhals are often spotted and you may encounter polar bears as they drift southwards on the ice floes.