More Information

You'll find more information about taking an expedition cruise to the Arctic, Antarctica or Atlantic Islands on this page.


Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers here to a lot of the common questions that are asked.  Questions like "I'm travelling solo. How does that work?" or " Do I need specialised equipment?" and more are answered.

What Is A Polar Cruise Like?

Some of the most beautiful landscapes and unique wildlife await you. Taking a cruise on a small expedition ship or icebreaker makes the experience all the more special. You will travel in comfort with expert crew and expedition guides who take pride in introducing you to the wonders of these locations.


When To Go

You'll find more information here about the cruise seasons in the various locations.  There are only particular times of the year when these location can be visited by ships due to ice conditions.  You'll also find more information about what you can expect to see at different times of the season.