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What is a Basecamp Adventure Cruise?

Sunday, March 13, 2016 23:20

The short answer is "it's as much fun and exploration as we can pack into a single cruise."

The longer answer is that during your trip you will use one of our self-owned vessels as the centre of all of the activities that we offer as ways to explore your Polar Region of choice. The vessel will stay for two or three days at specific locations to serve as a comfortable hub for a wide range of activities that will enable...

  • ...mountaineers to climb mountain ranges (soft climbing).
  • ...hikers to participate in long walks.
  • ...photographers to explore photo opportunities.
  • ...campers to enjoy life at shore base camps.
  • ...kayakers and Zodiac passengers to explore shorelines where the cruise ship cannot go.

If you prefer a less physically active day you will be able to enjoy Zodiac excursions and to follow the normal shore program and land excursions (easy to moderate walks and hikes that focus on wildlife). We also aim to visit the manned research stations found in the Antarctic and Arctic. At mealtimes you'll return to the Ortelius or Plancius and meet up with your fellow passengers and new friends to argue over who had the best time that day.

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