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Antarctica 2010 - Day 13

Friday, February 05, 2010 16:19

We get our last alarm call at 7.30am. After breakfast and customs clearance we were allowed to disembark. We were met by our local guide and transferred to their local offices in Ushuaia. Our bags were stored there to allow everyone some free time in Ushuaia before our flight later that afternoon.


Some people opted to take a cable car to the nearby glacier. Others visited the Maritime, Prison & Antarctic Museum located at the east end of town. That's right Martime, Prison and Antarctic as well as an art gallery! It's a really interesting museum with areas dedicated to the Maritime history of Ushuaia, the history of the Prison in which the Museum is housed, Antarctic history and also has a gallery as well as some additional wildlife displays.

It's a quirky kind of place but this adds to its charm and there is plenty to see. You could easily pass two or three hours here.

We headed to the nearby airport at 3pm and it wasn't long before we were airborne and retracing our route back up to Buenos Aires. We were well and truly back to the hustle and bustle of civilisation! We had a last glance from the air down to the port where Plancius was berthed preparing to set off again into the Beagle Channel that evening to begin another voyage, this time to the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.


We arrived into a very different Buenos Aires than we had left. Three days of monsoon rains had left the city with rivers of water running through the streets. The approach from the air showed plenty of evidence of flooding with fields full of water and rivers overflowing.


Alexjandra our guide met us at the airport after some traffic delays and soon we were making our way back in the city for our final nights stay. There was time for a quick freshen up before we were off again. A final night out had been arranged to mark the end of our adventure. The Esquina Carlos Gardel was our destination for a dinner and Tango Show.


The restaurant/theatre is a beautifully decorated building thta offers good food and wine along with a the show thta celebrates the music of Carlos Gardel, a famous Argentine singer. The show was a mix of song and dance with some amazing displays of Tango dancing and everyone enjoyed themselves.


We also had a little surprise for a couple of our group. Brendan and Olga had let it slip during the trip that this had been part of their honeymoon so we had a champagne toast in their honour to mark the occasion.


We made our way back to the hotel. Some decided that they were not quite finished with Buenos Aires just yet and headed out to some of the local bars for a nightcap or two!


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