Field camping

This is a really great addition to your expedition cruise experience. Camping out in the Arctic or Antarctica is really special providing an intensive experience of the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness.

All special gear and field equipment which includes top quality wind and waterproof breathable bivouac bags (lightweight alternative to tent system) will be provided as well as tents for those that prefer a little bit more comfort. Polar sleeping bags will keep campers dry, warm and comfortable during the night in the open air of Antarctica. The night ashore will be supervised by one experienced field guide. 

Please note that camping is always subject to weather, local site

and environmental regulations.

On a voyage the aim is to provide at least one night camping but the expedition team will offer more camping occasions when possible. Additional nights ashore are weather and site permitting and can only be offered at times that there is a possibility for the vessel to stay close enough to the shore during the night. When the vessel is relocating during the night camping is not possible.

According to international regulations we are not allowed to take stoves, fuel nor food ashore - with the exception of emergency rations and survival gear, drinking water and medical supplies. The camping group will be taken ashore after dinner, and returns to the ship just before breakfast. This means we will have the night hours ashore.


On shore a camp will be made in a place where wildlife will not be disturbed. All campers will be equipped with a personal waterproof bag containing a sleeping mattress, a polar synthetic sleeping bag with inner liner and a breathable bivouac bag. Besides these personal items and other equipment such as tents will be taken ashore. In favourable weather conditions, campers have the possibility to sleep in the bivouac bag under the open sky.

For those that find a bivy-bag a bit too spartan, and when the weather is not pleasant enough for the bivy-bag, tents are provided. Sturdy dome tents will sleep 3 persons. While the field party is ashore, staff will be in full radio contact with the ship. Staff will also stay ashore to assist and supervise the campers. Upon departure everything that was carried ashore must be returned to the ship. Field staff will ensure that the field camps are cleaned properly after each night's camp.

* Everyone can participate, no previous experience required

* Maximum number is limited to 15 persons per night

* Once in a lifetime, intensive Antarctic experience!

* The camping is assisted by expert field guides

* Equipment provided (bivouac & sleeping bag, mats, tents)

* Field camping is subject to weather, local site and environmental regulations

* 1 night has to be booked prior to trip, any extra night can be arranged on board




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